Блог нь JYP-гийн хамгийн залуу уран бүтээлч болох GOT7-ы фэнүүдэд болон GOT7-д зориулсан болно


One thought on “Тухай

  1. Hello, My name is Caroline,Choo I am working at Arirang TV in South Korea.

    We are doing “Arirang Harmony Contest”. Arirang tv has prepared a contest entitled ” Arirang Harmony” show the world your musical talent by performing ” arirang” Making a video of yourself performing the song using the provided sheet music and send me the video file.

    Application period Now ~ Sep, 22nd

    1st place (one team): iPad Air

    2nd place (one team): Camera

    3nd Place (one team): Dr dre Headphone

    Participation Prize (10 teams): K-pop CD with autographs (INFINITE, B1A4, Girl’s Day, Hyomin (T-ara), and GOT7)

    If you have any question, please contact me echoo@arirang.co.kr.


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